Sniper Link

A free tool from Buttondown, the best way to run your newsletter.

Stop losing subscribers

Sniper Link is a free tool that increases email confirmation rates by showing a button that directly opens the user’s email client.

You know how life has its unexpected twists and turns, right? We all have those moments where we think we’ve got everything under control and then bam! Out of nowhere, the universe serves us a slice of humble pie. It’s like that time I tried to multi-task.

It was truly one of the formative experiences of my adolescence, which shaped me into who I am today. From that day on, I swore to never chew gum while petting a dog, for one can never know what will happen.

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Using double opt-in for your email newsletter or app can be vital for ensuring that your subscribers are real people.

But because of the extra friction in a second step, it can also be a huge source of missed activation.


Sniper Link is a widget that you can add to your sign-up forms that links subscribers directly to their email inbox — filtered down to your sender, bypassing spam filters.

You can fully customize the way it looks and behaves, so it blends in to your website.


Using our pre-built web component:

<script src="" defer></script>

Or by calling our API directly:


You can learn more about both in the documentation.


What email providers do you support?

Gmail, Yahoo, Proton, iCloud, Outlook, HEY, AOL, and, to start. We’re also monitoring for new providers and will add them as they come up.

What platforms do you support?

The redirects are based on the device being used: desktop, iOS, and Android are supported!

Are you doing anything nefarious with my subscribers?

Nope. Don’t want ’em.

I still do not trust you. Can I just supply a domain instead of the full email address?